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DTxtKuVDue to increased obesity problems among current generation which is completely dependent upon machines like computer for their work and entertainment as well, has simultaneously increased employment opportunity for the various diet experts and health consultants providing weight loss treatments to these patients. Many of them make the great monetary profit out of this situation and suggest them to join their expensive weight loss programs. Most of the weight loss clinics offer various exercise programs of machines like cardio, cross trainers, cycling etc and certain kinds of aerobics and yoga classes for ladies. They plan their strict diet schedules and if the results are not as per their expectation then they do not take any responsibility and blame the patient for their carelessness in following the instruction relating to diet and exercise.

Thus they instruct them to take another expensive package and previous one goes waste. After completing the weight loss treatment, if they succeed to get the expected results then next step is to constantly engage in the weight loss clinics or lady gyms and not to stop. If they stop the weight loss treatment taken by them earlier, then instantly suffers from rapid weight gain. It destroys all efforts and money invested by them for weight loss. So, one of the major disadvantage of this kind of weight loss treatment is that these are less affordable by middle class families as it needs constant engagement in lady gyms.

Another kind of treatment suggested now a days for losing weight for women may be the surgery known as liposuction. In this surgery fat is removed from the fatty places of the patient through surgery to bring the body in shape. It is quite safe but very expensive and is not affordable by every kind of patient especially those belonging to middle class. It is mainly available in metro cities and rarely found in small and middle towns. One of the disadvantage seen in this kind of treatment of lack of satisfaction from the resulted shape of body part which may not be according to the shape as expected by the patient.

So, one of the greatest solution for all these problems suggested may be the Venus factor reviews available. The Venus factor review is away from all harmful side effects and is very natural king of treatment especially made for women.